Every LLP registered under the LLP Act, 2008 needs to file the annually return with LLP ROC.

Every LLP should file the returns on timely basis to avoid the heavy penalty. Every LLP, which has incorporated up to September 30 of the financial year, needs to close its First Financial Year on coming March 31 and if a LLP has been incorporated on or after October 01 in a financial year then that LLP has choice to close the first financial year on coming March 31 or next year March 31.

For an example:
Case 01
ABC Trading LLP registered on September 30, 2017 then ABC Trading LLP needs to close its first financial year on March 31, 2018 and needs to file all returns within the due dates.

Case 02
ABC Trading LLP registered on October 01, 2017 then ABC Trading LLP may close its first financial year either on March 31, 2018 or March 31, 2019 and accordingly needs to file all returns.

# Income Tax returns needs to be filled by March 31 only (closing for first financial year in only for ROC LLP purpose under LLP Act not for Income Tax).

What all returns LLP needs to file?

  1. Income Tax Return
  2. Tax Audit Report
  3. Statutory Audit Report
  4. Annual Return
  5. Financial Return

When these all returns need to be filled and what the penal provisions for not filling of Returns?

S. No. Return / Form No. Due Date Penalty
01. Income Tax Return (without tax Audit) 31-07-2018 1000/5000/10000
02. Income Tax Return & Tax Audit Report 30-09-2018 150,000.00 on Tax Audit Report
1000/5000/10000 on ITR
03. Annual Return (Form 11) 30/05/2018 INR 100.00 per day
04. Financial Return (Form 8) 30/10/2018 INR 100.00 per day

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